How do I fund my divorce?
Ah! Financial stress is the last thing we want to worry about! Under normal circumstances, the funding for a divorce is taken from the parties’ own assets. There are loans available from banks and property agents however legal aid is not available. If your spouse has all financial control, you can commence divorce proceedings, which will be paid for by your spouse through court order/permission. Contact one of our lawyers now to discuss your options for free.
What behavior constitutes domestic violence?
There are 2 types of domestic violence: physical abuse and emotional abuse used by one person to control the other. Examples include; namecalling, keeping a partner from family or loved ones, with holding money, stopping a partner from work, actual or threatened physical harm, sexual assault, stalking, intimidation. If you are linked to any of these unfortunate situations we suggest you speak to one of our lawyers immediately for free advice on the best course of action.
Having family disputes over financial assets?
Every family has its own disputes! Mediating family property, estates and businesses can cause serious conflicts. The financial cost is only one downside of an intrafamily lawsuit. Court pleadings and proceedings are public which rarely maintains family relationships after legal action. If you need advice and want some free confidential legal help, contact one of our lawyers to discuss your options.
What happens to the children during a separation?
Our kids come first, they are the number one priority! Separation can be a difficult time for parents and a confusing time for all. Depending on your individual circumstances there are many ways to agree with your partner how to best make arrangements for the children; co-parenting, visitation rights, managing conflict after separation, child maintenance, mediation, housing rights and options. For free advice on your situation, contact one of our lawyers today.
What rights does an intellectual property owner have?
There are 2 categories of rights: Moral rights and Economic rights. Moral rights allow you to set the conditions of its commercial exploitation and defend its integrity, the owner is deemed to have the right to control its creation. Economic rights relate to the creation’s commercial value, the owner can prevent third parties from using, manufacturing and selling the creation without authorization. If any rights are infringed the owner can take legal action against unlawful use of their literary, artistic or industrial creations. For free legal advice contact one of our lawyers to ask about your property.
In a dispute with my business partner on separating our assets
Partnership disputes often concern a partner’s liability, income split, or departure. Depending on your relationship with your partner disputes can often be resolved through negotiation before resulting to litigation. Partner’s liability is quite a significant factor, contact one of our experienced lawyers today for free legal advice before taking any action.
I can’t keep up my mortgage payments, will I lose my home?
Your home is your safe place! Let us help you save it. There are various legal options you can take depending on your situation and financial capability. There are also many companies willing to repay your mortgage and lower/delay your monthly payments. Speak to one of our lawyers immediately for free advice.
I need legal agreements drawn up, fast, who is most reliable?
Depending on the size/portfolio of properties and your budget there are many options. Speak to our lawyers today to compare proposed timeline’s for your work, you’ll be surprised how fast paperwork can be completed, there are also cheaper options if you need a simple agreement as our lawyers have access to various legal templates. Contact one our lawyers now for free quotes.
Should I talk to the police?
It’s often in your best interest to avoid making a statement or signing anything. Hiring a lawyer will keep you from giving a statement that may ultimately be used against you at trial. If you were charged with a felony, your next appearance will likely be at a preliminary hearing, this is where the judge will determine whether or not there is probably cause to believe a crime has been committed and, if so, whether or not you committed that crime. Speak to one of our criminal lawyers immediately for free advice and to discuss your options.
I’m a UK citizen, do I get a free criminal lawyer?
If unfortunately, you are arrested, you may consult with your solicitor on the phone at any time whilst you are in custody and your solicitor may be able to attend the police station to advise/represent you within 45minutes of the police being ready to interview you. If you do not have an individual solicitor, you can ask the custody sergeant for the duty solicitor, who is completely independent of the police and will be able to represent you for free. Contact one of our lawyers immediately for free quick advice.
What if I feel that the police violated my rights?
If your rights were violated, our lawyers will aggressively seek to exclude evidence obtained as a result of police misconduct. Contact one of our lawyers today for free quick advise, it could seriously help you and others.
Charged with drink driving, what are the consequences?
There are various charges associated to drink driving, some minor and some major. Depending on whether you are charged with serious offences or less serious offences, this could results in imprisonment, upto £2,500 fine or a possible driving ban. Speak to one of our lawyers now for free and explain your situation to find out your options.
What is the time limit for filing an appeal of a judgement?
There are different time limits for diferent appeals. Under normal circumstances an appellant has 21 days to file for an appeal. The court of appeal has the power to grant an extension of time for filing an appellant’s notice, but an application for an extension of time must be made with full reasons. Contact one of our lawyers today for free advice to discuss your options before taking action.
How long do I have to make a personal injury claim?
Within three years of the date of the accident. Sometimes you don’t realize your injured straight after an accident, many work related injuries cannot be traced back to a single event but on-going circumstances. Your claim timeline is dependent on the date of the knowledge of your injury and the nature of the injury/illness. Speak to one of our experienced lawyers now for free to determine what applies for your circumstance.
Are there time limits for children to make an injury claim?
A parent, guardian or close family member can make an injury claim on behalf of a child until they are 18 years old. After which a child has three years to make the injury claim for themselves. In rare circumstances there are exceptions to the three year rule. Please contact one of our lawyers today for free advice before its too late!
How long does a claim take?
There are many factors that affect the time of a claim; the time it takes to gather sufficient medical evidence, whether or not the other party accepts responsibility and whether the identity of the other party is known. Explain your circumstance today and one of our lawyers will be able to estimate for free how long your claim could take and your potential claim amount.
Am I eligible for no win no fee claim?
Depending on your circumstance and whether our lawyers predict your entitled to compensation you could be eligible and not pay anything upfront. Speak to one of our lawyers for free now to discuss how it works and what you could potentially claim.
If I’m not eligible for a claim, can I still sue the other party?
Yes, in most cases of injury/abuse/negligence you can sue the other party but it is usually a costly and slow procedure, contact one of our lawyers now for free advice and to find out your options.
What when someone you know has a last will and passes away?
Instructions as per their last will are put into effect. Their assets will be distributed as per their written wishes and their health care instructions will be followed though, for example if the person’s desire was to be an organ donor.
Should I make a will?
Better to be prepared! Will’s are not necessarily complicated. They are actually among the simplest legal documents. Your individual circumstances can determine whether a will is adequate for you or not. If your unsure, contact one of our lawyers for free advice now.
Who owns the assets in a trust?
Legal title passes to the trustee who will assume responsibility for the assets and must exercise control over decisions regarding the assets to avoid compromising the trust structure. If the trustee is improperly acting, you should contact one of our lawyers immediately for some free advise as to what you can do.
Can I appoint anyone as a beneficiary?
Your choice, your decision! Beneficiaries can be natural persons, legal entities (like companies), the trustees of another trust/foundation. They could be individually named or even members of a class. For free information on how to appoint someone as a beneficiary contact one of our lawyers now for free to discuss your options.
Are employment contracts expensive / Can I employ someone?
Depending on the complexity of an employment contract is does not have to be expensive. There are multiple legal templates our lawyers have access to, which speeds up the time it takes to adjust it to your terms. When employing someone a number of factors need to be considered, like their resident status, your company registered category and terms of employment. Contact one of our business & employment lawyers now for free advice on your options and how to start.
I was unfairly dismissed from my job. What can I do?
If you have been working for your employer for a significant time period (1year+), you may be able to claim unfair dismissal because the procedure for termination was unfair. If you resigned because your employer was in breach of your employment contract and that breach was serious enough to make you resign, you may also have a claim. The first thing you have to do is lodge a ‘grievance’ with your employer and give your employer at least 28days to respond. Please contact one of our lawyers now for free advice on your options and what you can do.
My business partners and I are in a dispute. What should I do?
The most important thing to do is to consult with a business lawyer as soon as possible. Early business separation planning will often determine whether you have a successful outcome. Obtain copies of all signed partnership, shareholder, or LLC operating agreements, and all other pertinent documents that may establish your ownership interest. Speak to one of our business lawyers now for free immediate advice.
How can I protect my great business idea?
Ideas are a dime a dozen! It’s the implementation of an idea that is more important. There are patent and copyright options, speak to one of our lawyers today for free legal advice.
My visa has been refused; can I still visit the UK?
Depending on your current circumstance and reason for coming to the UK there are many options. Even if your visa has been previously refused that does not mean you will not be able to re-apply and be approved. Speak to one of our experienced visa and immigration lawyers now for free advice on your options.
I want to work in the UK, I am a EU resident, if this possible?
After Brexit, people have a lot of question with EU-UK possibilities. Depending on your personal circumstance and reason for migrating to UK for business there are options available to you. Speak to one of our experiences visa and immigration lawyers now for free advice on your options.
Do you charge fixed fees?
You can choose to either pay a fixed fee or pay by the hour for legal help with visas & immigration. The complexity of your case determines the options you have. Speak to one of our experiences visa and immigration lawyers now for free advice.
Can you provide on-going support?
We assign our highly trained representatives to monitor your immigration matter to ensure that all of the relevant work is completed on time and to the highest of standards. All of the immigration professionals will support you as long as you need. It is easier to deal with a lawyer who already knows your case, speak to one of our experiences visa and immigration lawyers now for free advice on your options.
How long does it take to get a UK Visa?
Depending on your history, current circumstance and reason for coming to the UK time varies. By explaining your person position to on of our experienced visa & immigration lawyers we can advise you on timelines and ways to speed up the process.
How long does it take to contact a lawyer?
You can audio call, video call, email direct, or book a meeting with a Lawyer right now. Simply select what you need, Choose a lawyer and contact them immediately.
How much do you charge for finding me a lawyer?
We don’t charge you.That’s right. We said it! You don’t need to type in your credit card details, we don’t run background credit checks, and there are no hidden charges. We find you lawyers absolutely free. What are you waiting for?
Can I see lawyers near me for what I need?
Yes! You can view lawyers nearest to you in the law sector of your preference. You can even get directions, book a meeting, or call them right now.
How do I contact LawyerUp?
You can reach our LawyerUp team by the freephone number, under contact us, or message us via the live chat option now.
Will my personal details be shared with any 3rd party websites or my case details made public?
Absolutely not, discretion and privacy is of upmost importance to us. Your personal details will not be shared or searchable on any web engine. Your case details are private and information secure.
Contacting from a media company?
Please reach us via our contact us page for any media information.

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